Rising Together 


Phoenix is a vibrant and rapidly growing city. We must pass innovative policies to address the pressing issues faced by hard-work Phoenicians. I believe with the right leadership, we can be a bold and innovative city where families are thriving. 

Modern Housing Project


Phoenix is facing an extreme housing shortage, skyrocketing rents and housing prices. While this may be good for investors, the sharp incline in housing costs is squeezing out working families and exacerbating our ongoing homelessness crisis.


All is not lost. We must make smart decisions to get Phoenix – the 5th largest city in the country – back on track by prioritizing workforce and affordable housing. Current zoning ordinances and understaffing at the City have caused a backlog in building permits.

The Environment

Without thoughtful and decisive action, Phoenicians will continue to feel the effects of climate change. Whether it’s the rising cost to cool our homes and businesses, the toll the heat takes on our car batteries and tires, or residents facing heat-related illnesses and respiratory complications from air pollution.  


Further, let's put vacant storefronts and buildings to use by repurposing these locations as urban cooling centers and shelters to protect the public from heat-related illnesses.

Additionally, we can reduce air pollution by switching to electric public transportation buses.  Revitalizing our parks, canals, and alleyways will make them clean, safe, and enjoyable places for families.



One job is enough. Although Phoenix’s economy is booming, too often Phoenicians must work multiple jobs to make ends meet. When bringing new businesses to Phoenix, we must ensure these companies are fairly paying their employees and provide good benefits. 


We must support small local businesses. Neighborhood coffee shops, breweries, restaurants, and gyms make our communities home. New development must include office space and room for small shops.


Phoenix must create a sustainable grant program for local businesses. Grants drive entrepreneurship and put money back into our communities and local economy.

Community Safety and Revitalisation

The safety of residents is very important to me. As a resident in this city, I have seen close calls and terrible accidents between pedestrians and vehicles. Arizona ranks 4th in the nation for pedestrian deaths, with Phoenix holding the 8th spot in the nation for pedestrian fatalities.


Let’s change that by reducing speeding in neighborhoods and school zones, increasing sidewalks and street lights in high pedestrian areas, and constructing barriers to protect cyclists from motor vehicles in high traffic/cyclist areas. 


Our city has had significant challenges concerning Public Safety. While crime is a serious concern in our city, innovative solutions can tackle crime and reduce unintended harm to vulnerable communities. A recent increase in the CASS (Central Arizona Shelter Services) budget presents an opportunity to increase the number of social workers in the program, building rapport with the community.

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